8th Annual Laps for Learning is Coming!

Save the date and get ready to raise money in support of Olde Creek Elementary!

                      Saturday, September 27, 2014

                   7:30 a.m. Arrival Time
                   8:00 a.m. Start Time

                2014 Fundraising Goal:  $15,000

Event Overview:
  • Laps for Learning is Olde Creek's main fundraiser, but unlike some other school fundraisers, the students are active participants in raising money to support their school.
  • This cannot be emphasized enough:  Laps for Learning is not a competitive or timed event.  Students of all abilities are cheered on by parents, teachers and administrators!
  • Students do not need to finish all five laps of the course.  Finishing a lap or two is a great warm up for mid-morning sports games!
  • Strollers, siblings, grandparents, friends—everyone is welcome!
  • Most participants are finished by 9am. 


Every form associated with this event will go home with students on the first day of school.  In addition, you can find the forms on this website—just click on the "Forms" link in the upper left corner.


Please register as soon as possible!!  Save Time:  Register Online

Alternatively, you can complete the bottom portion of the Registration Form and sent it to school.  After registration, a special runner with the student's name will be hung up at school.

Get Sponsors:

A Pledge Log is provided for your convenience to track your sponsors (although you do not need to bring the form into school).  Pledges can be one flat fee or per kilometer.  Ask your sponsor if their companies have matching gift fund policies!

Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Companies are all great sponsors!!

New This Year:  Submit Your Pledges Online

Sign Up To Volunteer:

Volunteers are essential to make this event happen!  The Volunteer Form provides information about the different volunteer opportunities.


Participants will receive different prizes for their participation!!

  • All participants will receive a prize at the 5K
  • Everyone collecting $25 or more will receive a Laps t-shirt in October or November.
  • Everyone collecting $100 will be entered in a raffle for an exciting electronic prize (to be announced soon) donated by Best Buy!.  The raffle is held at the Halloween Howl.  Additional raffle tickets are earned for each additional $50 collected after the initial $100.
  • The classroom with the highest number of participants and the highest average amount of funds raised will earn an ice cream party.
  • If the school reaches its goal of $15,000, students will be able to squirt teachers and principals with silly string!!

Parking on Saturday – The school parking lot will be unavailable that morning.

Remember, please don’t bring any money you may have already collected to the 5k!  Collection envelopes will be handed out on Saturday or sent home on Monday.

Questions? Please contact……

If you have any questions at all about the 5k, please feel free to contact any of the committee chairs listed below:

Heather Allison -- General Information

Didi Muniz -- Pledges

Amy Sine -- Volunteering

Event History

Eight years ago the PTA was challenged with the task of coming up with a new idea for fundraising.  The idea of a 5k was put into place and turned out to be a huge success.  It is a fun and healthy way for the school to raise money.  And, what’s most significant about this fundraiser (unlike gift wrap programs, for example) is that the PTA gets to keep nearly every dollar raised!  

Pledge money will be collected after the 5k is completed.

Please do not bring money with you on September 27th. 

Register today and start collecting pledges!!

We look forward to seeing you on September 27th

 Last year 275 students participated and raised over $12,000!

Laps for Learning Course:  One Lap = 1 Km